About Us
HFE PROCESS manufactures engineered water and wastewater pump stations and related equipment. The company headquarters are in Tulsa, Oklahoma providing access to the city's manufacturing support base of oil and petrochemical, pipeline, and aerospace equipment industries. The central United States geographic location of Tulsa, the medium sized population center, a good highway hub, and an inland river port allows a strategic advantage for freighting goods and equipment in and out nationally as well as internationally. Consequently, the company has marketed products from the Western Pacific to the Middle East. Municipal, industrial, and commercial markets are served through a network of independent manufacturers representatives.
HFE PROCESS was organized in 1985 after purchasing the assets of a  similar firm. During the first 10 years, wastewater product offerings expanded from our innovative above ground sewage lift stations with the patented hydraulic profile to partially buried stations, underground dry pit stations, and an above ground piping and control panel system for submersible pumps. In the same time period, driven by demand from our representatives, we began to serve the potable water station market for small skid equipment. This product offering quickly grew to include large steel structures with attached buildings. Control panels by in-house staff were the next logical addition and became an important part of manufacturing as system integration is so vital to quality control in engineered pump stations.

Product growth continued in the next 15 years in pumping related, custom speciality equipment for irrigation, storm water loads, and large dry or floating water intake structures designed, built, and installed in some cases. UL certifications of the factory for UL Listings of both controls and complete pump stations were added and are part of product offerings. Today, digital controllers with touch screen displays, communications features, and extensive use of instrumentation are more commonly used in all HFE PROCESS pump station types as consultants and customers ask for information and more control of their operating equipment.

HFE PROCESS is entering its second quarter century of providing pumping products to the water and wastewater industries. The large, varied body of experience and quality products provides flexibility and has the company well positioned to produce engineered water related pump stations for virtually any markets.