Title A

The HFE PROCESS "Station Centre" controller is a color touchscreen HMI display and PLC in a single unit using a single programming software rather than two segregated units with two different software programs as is found in other systems.

Title B

Each "Station Centre" Controller is communications capable for alarm reporting via text messaging, email or voice. The unit is also SCADA ready for any reporting and control requirements. Means of communication available include radio, ethernet, landline and cellular. Remote access for data acquisition and program changes are also available without the need of SCADA software if desired.

Title C

"Station Centre" Controller configurations are available for the different requirements of wastewater, potable water pressure booster stations and irrigation systems. Specific application programming is done for each individual station and can include programming for chemical feed or other unique features.

Title D

A large memory allows for complex control and automation tasks. Datalogging can be stored in internal memory or for even larger samples on an SD Card which can easily be transferred to Microsoft Excel files. On screen graphs can show historical values to reflect trends of recorded data as well.

Title E

Operational setting changes can be made via the touchscreen HMI through a virtual alpha numeric keyboard to suit local conditions or preference.