Title A

Water Pressure Booster Stations built by HFE PROCESS have more standard configurations than wastewater stations. Performance requirements are more dynamic and dictate the use of pump type and quantity, valve type and controls.

Title B

UL Listed control panels are standard features of this product line. Most stations are designed for locally sensed pressure maintenance and include water hammer management.

Title C

Small footprints do not have to mean small volume. Pump rates in excess of 1500 GPM are available in low profile stations.

Title D

Pressure maintenance in low volume, small customer base applications is achieved using several techniques. Variable speed pump operation is used for higher demand periods, and a stored energy, hydropneumatic system is employed for low or no demand period of the day.

Title E

Solutions are available for standby, temporary or other applications where a single pump system is appropriate.

Title F

Communication, if required, is quite often integrated with a remote operation function. However, basic, low complexity, duplex stations with small footprints in outdoor locations still form the basis of water supply for large parts of the country.